Innovating at the intersection of materials, additive manufacturing, and medicine

3D Printed biomaterials that span the strength and stiffness of biological tissues

Metal Alloys

Medical grade, high strength, and fatigue resistant metals for load bearing applications

Titanium Alloy: Ti-6Al-4V

Fabricated via laser powder bed fusion and heat treated to produce high strength and ductile microstructure

Due to high fatigue resistance, often used in orthopedic applications to support physiological loading

Surface oxide (TiO2) layer supports protein adsorption and cellular attachment for bone ingrowth

Cobalt Chrome: CoCrMo

Highly polished surface finish for superior wear resistance in articulating arthoplasty applications

High strength and ductile alloy used for load bearing orthopedic applications

Fabricated via laser powder bed fusion and heat treated for superior fatigue resistance

Polymers and Composites

Polymeric biomaterials for load bearing and non-load bearing applications

Tough Elastomers

Porous PCU scaffolds filled with collagen support fibroblast adhesion and proliferation

Tough and fatigue resistant elastic urethane

Soft and Degradable

Soft co-polymer designed for degradation over 12 months in the body

High Strength

High strength, rigid polymers for load bearing applications


Composite materials for high strength and advanced functionality

Drug Eluting

Drug eluting porous materials for localized delivery of antibiotics